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Individualized Pediatric Speech Therapy

Help Your Child Progress with Our Speech Therapy

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Family Focus Speech Therapy will begin serving pediatric patients in July 1, 2016. We offer a range of speech therapy approaches to help your child master speech and language milestones that are crucial to their overall development.


Get your child the professional speech therapy help they need to reach their potential.

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About Us

Help your child's development with our pediatric speech therapy services in Avondale, Arizona. At Family Focus Speech Therapy, we work with a range of children of all ages. Speech acquisition is a crucial aspect of any child's cognitive and social development any hurdles they face along the way should be addressed promptly. Our approach to helping children master their speech goals is to consider the entire family. We serve more than just the child who needs our services. By serving the family as a whole, we increase the chances that your child will make progress to reach their potential.

Speech therapist Jovia Dossou has a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology. She is also an Arizona State-Licensed Speech Therapist.  After 10 years of experience working with children in the public school setting, she decided to go into business on her own. She is certified with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and trained to provide Prompt Therapy, a specialized program specifically designed to provide external manual cues to assist with increasing the client’s pronunciation of sounds in words. Jovia also attends trainings that teach Social Thinking Principles that provide a framework, strategies, and products to teach social problem solving and social skills across settings.

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